Instrument Rentals

Violin                                                                 $23.00     

Monthly rental including insurance         


Viola                                                                  $23.00

Monthly rental including insurance                    


Cello (1/16 ~ 1/2 size)                                            $33.00 

Monthly rental including insurance                         



Cello (3/4 ~ Full size)                                              $35.00 

Monthly rental including insurance                       

The minimum rental is 3 months collected initially. Rent is payable monthly or quarterly there after.

There's $5 multiple rental discount per month up to 3 instruments (violin only)

Our rental program offers rental credit towards the purchase of another instrument.  Your rental credit never expire even after you return the instrument. 100% of rental credit (not including insurance) may be applied up to 40% of retail price, not to exceed $1000

Trade In

We offer attractive trade-in options for instrument or bow purchases. 100% of the original purchase price can be applied towards the purchase of a bigger or a better instrument, depending on the condition of the trade-in.

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